Trucker's Delight

Trucker's Delight 2.1.0

Irreverent, fun racing game


  • Great presentation
  • Cool music
  • Classic gameplay


  • Repetitive backgrounds
  • Occasionally unfair


Trucker's Delight is a loud, in-your-face racing game in the style of Outrun.

This is the game of a popular music video, with a pretty adult theme. You control a trucker chasing and ramming a female driver along sweeping highways. You have to avoid traffic and stay on the road to keep up your speed and make it to the next checkpoint.

Trucker's Delight is presented is colorful 16 bit-style graphics, with great cartoon style. The soundtrack is a fantastic electro track that fits the game perfectly. You care constantly racing against the clock, and there's no end, so Trucker's Delight is just a case of chasing a high score. Along the way you'll meet angry bikers and police, and pick up power-ups.

While it's fun, Trucker's Delight has it's problems. Firstly, the concept is certainly not family friendly, and is not suitable for kids! Unlike Outrun, there are no recognizable stages, just an endless desert road, so it may get repetitive.

The gameplay is well balanced with one irritating exception - when driving up a steep hill, your truck obscures oncoming traffic, which slows you down. This can be really irritating if you're on a good run, as you are driving blind.

Download with caution, as it's certainly an adult game, but Trucker's Delight is still a fun retro arcade racing game.

Trucker's Delight


Trucker's Delight 2.1.0

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